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Need to send flowers abroad?

We make sending flowers from Mauritius to other countries listed below easy ! 

  • UK
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Italia

How it works

It's a bit like the Florist's Choice concept - Surprise and be Surprised - By trusting the florist to select the best possible flowers for your budget, you can rest assured that each design will be contemporary and in gorgeous vibrant shades reflective of the changing seasons and perfect for any occasion.

Terms & Conditions for International Delivery

It is imperative that you read the Terms & Conditions below for sending flowers abroad before you place your order. 

Products & Delivery

Flower orders to other countries are prepared and delivered by a local florist representative in that country. Therefore there are many things that are not within our control, for example: 

  • The flower arrangement can be a hand-tied bouquet or arranged beautifully in a basket, or even a vase depending on your budget. We can't guarantee exactly which flowers you will get but what we absolutely can guarantee though is that the end result will be beautiful..
  • We will not be able to send you a photo of what's been sent. On the other hand, you can always ask the Recipient for a photo after the flowers have been delivered.
  • Delivery time is not guaranteed. 

Flower delivery can be done to most countries in the world with a few exceptions, such as war zones. Your order needs to be confirmed and fully paid 3 days before the delivery date. All orders are handled during business hours. 


Once you have placed your order with us to send flowers abroad and have fully paid for it and you've changed your mind, we will not issue any refunds. Confirmed international orders are non-refundable if you decide to cancel. 

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